Gustin Jeans: Handcrafted in San Fransisco


My brother actually introduced me to this brand.  It’s a very interesting business model where they fund a type of denim jean before they actually produce it.  They were tired of retail prices for jeans and they wanted to produce a high end jeans for men without tacking on a 250 dollar price tag. Instead of guessing what the customers want, they crowdsource different type f denims and styles and if it gets funded, then it is produced.  That is a great idea because the customer chooses what they want.  I love the fact that they are handcrafted in made in San Fransisco to boost the local economy and you get a quality pair of jeans for a great price tag of $81. This style I love and it’s Japanese denim.  There is a rich lushness to japanese denim.  At $81 dollars for a pair AND it’s made in San Fransisco?  That is a deal. I think this would look awesome on T. He’ll look super hot.  Yeah, I said it.  Great fit and sewn well as my brother has 3 pairs and it does look good on him even with the no asian butt. Sorry W! I highly recommend you check Gustin out and buy a new pair of jeans for your man for Father’s Day, birthday and just because you are awesome day.