Ergo Baby: Every Mother Counts

 Photo courtesy of Ergobaby website

I love my Ergobaby.  Out of all the baby related things I have — this is probably my most cherished, useful and favourite.  I have tried other baby carriers but none of it is as comfortable as this one.  All my babies love to sleep in it. I was doing a little research into it and I didn’t realize that there are copies made of ergobabies and they look really similar.  I mean, I have heard of fake Louis Vuitton but who would have thought that would carry into baby carriers of all things?

Ergobaby is made in China — but you need to make sure they are authorized Ergobaby carrier sellers or else get it from the website as I think they are only a select factories they work with to design their carriers.  It isn’t fair trade certified but they have limited editions of special patterns in their  “Every Mother Counts” series.  The former supermodel Christy Turlington Brown started this non-profit which is advocates maternal health benefits worldwide. It retails for about $165.

I think all these partnerships with non-profit groups and companies like Tom’s shoes are great at bringing to light poverty and slavery around the world. While fair trade is probably the most favourable route as instead of aiding, you are empowering.  It’s like the bible says about making fishers of men instead of just giving them the fish. Hopefully these kinds of companies and businesses will get other businesses to do the same or even shed some light to the consumer about where their goods come from.

There are baby slings like something like a Moby  wrap  where it’s basically a one long scarf and you can probably buy fair trade certified cotton and make a sling.  Most of the more padded baby carriers like the Ergo are made in China.