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Nursing Covers – New and Improved

Nursing Covers – New and Improved

I have been super busy improving our nursing covers.  We have made changes based on your feedback.  We added a little pocket to store your breast pads or wipe your babies cute little face. Made from super soft terry cloth.

We have also decided to only use organic cotton for this round of patterns and first up is these beautiful sweet cloud pattern.  We doubled up this particular pattern because it was slightly too sheer but still very lightweight. We also added about made our covers longer by about 3 inches and wider by a couple of inches. More coverage and privacy for your baby.

I’ll keep you posted when it’s up in our Etsy shop and when it comes available on Amazon.

So excited.

Etsy: Wool Felt Tags

Etsy: Wool Felt Tags




Our felt tags are up at the etsy shop!  Handmade by us! I am loving the rockin’ robot which my cousin drew and we had it digitized and embroidered to give it that lovely handmade look.  The felt is made from wool and we added a punch of colour so that you could recognize your luggage in an instant.

I made a few adjustments to my old design.  They are smaller measuring 7cm x 10cm. and we have a contact card included but you can  slip in a standard business card.

We are hoping in the future to include more embroidery designs and also personalized monograms.  Convo us at contact at lilsoak dot com for these custom orders or visit us at Etsy.

Feels like spring over here

Feels like spring over here

I know it’s a perma frost over in the East but here in the Pacific Northwest, it feels like spring is about to pop up. I’m sure it will all grey over in the next few days but I’m going to take advantage.

We have been busy sewing over the winter with a toddler and a preschooler around our feet. We are almost ready to show you lovely wool felt luggage tags and we have a little sneak peak for you.  Really happy with the results and the re-design.

We hope to really push forward this year, making adjustment and changes to help bring Lil’Soak Designs into the spotlight and continue with this social business.  We have appreciated all the feedback and support we have gotten in order to really find our signature voice and to keep our goodies ethical and eco-friendly.  We want you to love our stuff and be sure it’s a “happy” product made fairly and ethically.

I’m actually excited about making handmade things again.  It’s getting the creative juices flowing. The parental thing is so thankless sometimes that it’s theraputic to make something from start to finish, hold it in your hands and go “Wow, I made this!”  It helps me wind down after all the day time busyness.

Speaking of — I have to get back to the sewing machine to finish up the oh so sweet tags.

So this is Christmas…

So this is Christmas…

The John Lennon song was playing in my head as I’m writing in this post and it reminds me to be thankful and to be patient and wait for good things to come. 2013 has been a roller coastery tough year with many challenges but it’s making our wee family stronger.  The hustle and bustle or retail shopping was felt since Black Friday but it’s starting to quiet down. Christmas will be a chill one with family our family unit.

We want wish your family and friends a wonderful and happy Christmas. Don’t stress yourselves out with the gifts, food and so forth — people remember the moments and all that other stuff become fuzzy.  Enjoy a good cup of hot cider, nog, toddy, whatever suits your fancy and enjoy a good laugh with your loved ones.

We look forward to 2014 with you all!


Market displays for small spaces

Market displays for small spaces


We’re off to Starbucks for their holiday markets. I’m excited because the second time around, I’m more prepared.  Last year when Carol mentioned that we ought to do this fair to showcase our lovely fair trade items, I had no idea what to expect.  Meira was barely a month old (she came with us to the market) and I was feeling a little schlubby with all the fancy Starbucks employees but I met a lot of really great people that also champion the fair trade ethical fashion cause.

This year I’m prepared.  We are only working with half a table space as there are many vendors in one of the Starbucks HQ conference rooms. I had to curate what to bring and I decided to do a dry run through and display all the products I chose to make sure it would all fit and look decent.  I think I brought way too much stuff last year and this year I’m lean and trim (my stuff not me!) and I have one tote, the crate and one small box. And no babies.

I’ve got some tips and tricks for you all to not spend a ton of money to display your vintage finds, crafty goods, jewelry or fair trade items at the market:

1.  Build UP. Think apartment as opposed to a single home dwelling. It’s also more eye catching to people who pass by our booth.  You want to think of display items up high.  To display the jewelry, I took a acrylic and wooden frame and used it portrait style.  I spent 3 dollars and bought some cup holder hooks and screwed them into the top of my frame to display necklaces. The great thing here is that I could use a dry erase market and write the prices at the bottom.  I used a easel to hold the frame up.

2. Stagger your items.  Tall things in the back, shorter things in the front and then your flat items at the front edge of the table. I bought the white cra box from IKEA. I think it cost about 5 dollars. I chose to use plastic so that I don’t have to worry about cracking or worry about vintage wooden boxes.

3. Double duty displays. I chose a wooden crate so that you could see through the gaps and placed my soft items.  I used the top part to display my poster of our business and I added some hooks in the front for my DIY banner which are so easy and quick to make. I can also lean products against the wooden crate and the white box to display more items.  I have seen people use vintage suitcases which is another great idea and also cake displays

4. Mantle hooks. Oh I’m so glad it’s Christmas so mantle hooks and weights are in abundance in the shops right now.  So awesome to be able to use the space below the table to hang items like bags, shirts, or your business name.  It adds a little flair to your table. Hooks run from about 10 – 20 dollars depending on the style and number of hooks you want.

5. If you can — bring a coat/hat tree.  They look awesome and then you are able to display things like bags and soft items.  You can try finding one in the thrift shop and then going out and buying more hooks to add to their tree.  That way you can display a lot of products at once without taking up a lot of space.

6. Lastly, TEST it out. I have gone out and bought items that may work for display but inevitably it doesn’t.  I would try to use the item during my set up time and it just wasn’t working.   Building my display at home helped me out a lot because I did have a few items that I bought that I thought would work but doesn’t so I can return it and save some money. The picture above is my “dry-run” for my display for the market that happens tomorrow.  I took a few pictures so when I set up, I know where everything goes.  Testing is super helpful because it will save you loads of time. and you can just enjoy chatting and meeting customers.

Happy market days!


Reduce, re-use and organic! Sweet.


Look at the cute baby! Now draw your eyes towards the re-usable organic GOTS certified organic cotton grocery bag and get one for yourself! It’s a super super deal at $6.99.   It’s very sturdy with a thick canvas cotton.  I often use it to carry all of Pax’s library books so it can carry a lot of weight without breaking.  I like the side pocket where you can carry a water bottle or small umbrella (since it rains so much here in Seattle).

It has our slogan on one side “You help the artisan, who makes the product which delights you” and our lil’soak print on the other side. These products are ethically and made with fair trade practices. Free shipping if you order from us but you can also get it at Ebay and Amazon.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend.  Our Paxter got to bowl for the first time and let me say — he’s not a big fan of those bowling shoes but he got an angry bird tattoo and life was good again.



New organic cotton bags

lilsoak totes-2



Summer’s here and it’s been hard to keep my regular work schedule now that school’s out. The 4 hours that Pax is in preschool really helped me get a lot of my blogging but you’ll see that in the summer, I’ll be posting at odd times of the day but I will keep you up to date on all things green and fair trade here at Lil’Soak.  I managed to post up a couple of new products  The small tote is perfect for an outing.  I use it all the time to bring an extra change of clothes for the kids, diapers, snacks etc.  Or else I bring it with me when we hit the library or a quick errand to the grocery store.  It’s handy to have and very sturdy. Made from organic cotton, GOTS certified in India.

lilsoak totes-1


This large messenger bag carries a lot of stuff.  There is a zipper pocket in the back and inside there is a small zipper pocket. It’s a great catch all carrying bag.  You can tuck your tablets/ipad into the back zippered pocket no problem. Sizing and dimensions are all available on the products link.  They are available now for sale through on ebay and soon we will send it off to amazon as well. We’ll keep you posted.

Right now I’m trying to pack and ship some cute soft dolls for both girls and boys for Amazon as well.  Pax likes to call them Mama and Papa because they kinda do look like us oddly enough but they are really lovely handmade dolls that were made by deaf/near deaf women in China.  Social benefits are not abundant in China so people with disabilities have a hard time finding solid work and this organization is doing a wonderful job of empowering these women.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a busy busy summer.  Time for my coffee break and a slice of the banana bread my kiddo helped me make. By helped I mean mash the bananas to smithereens.


“New organic cotton bags”  was first posted at Lil’Soak + Friends

Fair trade nursing covers shipment



Our small sewing co-op in Davao, Philippines just shipped some more robot and paris pattern nursing covers.  We sell them at Amazon and Ebay.  If you choose to get them through ebay or our site then we can offer you free shipping.  At Amazon, we use their fufillment centers so you can choose the method of shipping and if you are a Prime member than you can get free 2 day shipping which is an awesome bonus.

We are starting to run low on stock in our patterns — which is a great thing because that means you are helping out empoverished women in Davao!  We want to design new nursing cover patterns so we thought we would ask you for your input on what patterns/shapes/colours/animals you would like to see.  We also received some great feedback on how we can improve our nursing covers so we will address that as well. We want to continue to empower these women with skilled work.

What has been your favourite pattern?  I would say that my favourite is the purple bears and the cherry blossoms.  I like the colours, they cover my giant baby — and well, I like the cute little bear and girl the purple patterns.  I’m a sucker for illustration.

We do have a sample sale of our nursing covers at Etsy while supplies last.  They’re a great deal at $10.  Fabric is the same but there are some flaws like sizing may be a bit off (shorter, two  wide, too long etc), incorrect thread or areas where the sewing may be a bit off.

Happy hump day!  I’m still dealing with kids under the weather so they are a tad clingy to Mama.

Lil’Soak Designs: Artisans from Davao, Philippines

Lil’Soak Designs: Artisans from Davao, Philippines

Lil’Soak Designs is a fair trade label working in Davao, Philippines with a local NGO providing local or in-house livelihood sewing projects to women in Davao, Philippines.  The area is primarily a squatter’s village with employment perpetually below 50%, this livelihood project gives hope to local artisans in the fight against poverty, drug abuse, and sectarian violence.  A percentage of every purchase goes back to the House of Jubillee, and supports health initiatives, feeding programs for school age children., and educational scholarships for local youth.

 Lil’ Soak Designs is passionate about change for good. We are partnering up with small groups of marginalized people to produce and create our designs. We love the art of craftsmanship and want to showcase that in our products. We believe that everyone is entitled to fair wages, regardless of their country or neighbourhood.  When we see injustice being done, we must do something.  We believe that no cause is too small if it is the one placed in front of you.  “Do unto others as you would have done to you”
It’s exciting but things are finally looking up as we are selling more nursing covers and developing new products.  It’s been a slow bumpy ride but we feel passionate about empowering the women in the sewing project.