These stylish nursing covers, made of light, breathable organic fabric, are a must have for breast-feeding moms. They are lengthier than typical nursing covers, with metal d-rings for simple adjustability, and has a bowed neckline for eye contact between mother and infant. The nursing covers come in a variety of lovable, machine washable patterns that fold up with ease for convenient transportation. Available in fun, cute fabric patterns. Lil’Soak Designs is a fair trade label working in Davao, Philippines with a local NGO providing local or in-house livelihood sewing projects to women in Davao, Philippines. The area is primarily a squatter’s village with employment perpetually below 50%, this livelihood project gives hope to local artisans in the fight against poverty, drug abuse, and sectarian violence. A percentage of every purchase goes back to the House of Jubillee, and supports health initiatives, feeding programs for school age children., and educational scholarships for local youth.

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