Happy Monday! I want to ride my BICYCLE!

What did you do this father’s day?

It was Papa’s birthday and we went to have gluten-free pasta at Maggiano’s.  Boy.  Was it busy there! My pasta was yum num num and I love getting the classic pastas and bringing one home.  Yes!  I have lunch options the next day.

conquer cancerWe also went to cheer on my brother on his ride to conquer cancer.  Epic bike ride from Vancouver to Seattle.  So happy to see him roll in.  He’s the one holding his camera phone to the finish line.  It’s pretty cool to see how he has really gotten into this long distance bike riding.  He’s eating healthier, working out and looks great!

There were some fancy looking bikes and it even got me all excited about biking.  How about a handmade bamboo bicycle made in Seattle?



Photo courtesy of Monsoon Cycles

There is this company called Monsoon Cycles in Seattle that makes these cool bamboo framed bicycles.  There is a huge bike culture here in the Pacific Northwest and I think this would be a cool bike to test out.  Made in the USA, using renewable materials, and reducing your carbon footprint.  What’s not to love?  I first saw this bike at local shop as a displayer and it looks oh so very cool.  I have yet to test it out.  I think that would be something T has to check out since he’s more of a bike rider than myself.  I’m more the leisurely stroll biker.

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