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Father’s Day Ideas: Hipster Edition


I just moved from the most hipster part of America: Austin, TX and I can so see these on these dads over there.  I love the Krochet Kids company. They started out with crochet hats (very much hipster too) and their artisans from Peru and Northern Uganda sign each hat they crochet.  I love that personal touch.

They even have hair accessories for the ladies but may not look so good on the hipster dad but how about:


A super quality waxed canvas made by the good folks at Moop.  Been drooling over their bags for men/women.  They handmake all their bags in their Pittsburgh.  Super sweet! Made locally here in the US.   Your Pop can put his ipad in his bag, sling it over his shoulder,  stroller over to his handy bike to ride to work or study.

Just add a pair of skinny jeans from Gustin and a hipster plaid shirt and done.  Happy hip father’s day!


Gustin Jeans: Handcrafted in San Fransisco


My brother actually introduced me to this brand.  It’s a very interesting business model where they fund a type of denim jean before they actually produce it.  They were tired of retail prices for jeans and they wanted to produce a high end jeans for men without tacking on a 250 dollar price tag. Instead of guessing what the customers want, they crowdsource different type f denims and styles and if it gets funded, then it is produced.  That is a great idea because the customer chooses what they want.  I love the fact that they are handcrafted in made in San Fransisco to boost the local economy and you get a quality pair of jeans for a great price tag of $81. This style I love and it’s Japanese denim.  There is a rich lushness to japanese denim.  At $81 dollars for a pair AND it’s made in San Fransisco?  That is a deal. I think this would look awesome on T. He’ll look super hot.  Yeah, I said it.  Great fit and sewn well as my brother has 3 pairs and it does look good on him even with the no asian butt. Sorry W! I highly recommend you check Gustin out and buy a new pair of jeans for your man for Father’s Day, birthday and just because you are awesome day.