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Father’s Day Ideas: super athlete edition

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$25 -$125 (depending on what kind of good, better, best ball you want)

Tim would be paying attention to this post.  Your dad or hubby an health nut?  Does he love to cross-fit, training for a triathlon or just get that giddy look in face when he is about to participate in competitive sports? Well, we have found some goodies for you.

Senda Athletics is a company that makes fair trade soccer balls. The founder loves the sport and see just how much joy a simple ball can bring communities together, in the love for the spirit of the game.  He decided to make the balls fair trade because in order to support the non-profits, bringing soccer to poor communities, these balls themselves should be made in the most fair conditions so that the ball is enjoyed by all.  You can be assured that the ball you are kicking around was made in safe working conditions and paid a fair wage for their work.



1. Barefooters Shoes           $100                                           2. WSI Peformance Shorts    $19.50

We are big purveyors of running barefoot.  Let me tell you it’s VERY hard to find shoes that are not made in China.  All the barefoot ones are made in China and while I know there are factories in China that are good and fair, I haven’t begun to research that in terms of the barefoot shoes but these barefooters happen to be made in Italy and even though they call it a post workout shoe, I think I would wear it to work out in.  I mean, right now, I wear converse type shoes to run and do my sports and this looks like a shoe you could run in.

WSI Sports specializes in men and women’s performance athletic wear.  All made in the USA.  Some pretty great work out gear.  Simple, sweat wicking and has style.

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 3.43.07 PM


1. Land’s End Durable Goods Tee $29.00  $19.99

It’s on sale!  Land’s End Durable Goods line are all home spun cotton and all sewn in the USA. This is great, brings jobs back to America. They have it in a variety of colours but I love this green.

Now go outside with your dad and kick the ball, shoot the puck or whatever will get you outside playing sports in the sunshine!



Friday Finds: What We Wore

I’m going to try to post a Friday finds, things we find on the internet that are locally made or made with a fair wage.  I know that it can be quite a task to search for stylish fun fashion fun food, home accessories and so forth.  Since I’m doing this with our family, I thought I would share some of the things we have found on the interweb.

2013-05-28 17.48.52

American Apparel red hoodie and hand-me down second hand pants. I like getting their kids stuff for basics.  They do get a lot of controversy for their racy ads but I like the fact that it’s American made clothing.

ibex-1Ibex jacket.  They specialize in Merino wool wear.  This jacket uses New Zealand wool and it’s made in the USA.  I spoke to the nice shop folks at the store here in Seattle and they are aiming to have most of their clothing made in the USA by 2015. T’s new favourite jacket. Super lightweight but also very warm.  Great for this Pacific Northwest weather. This jacket is available for sale in the wintertime.  It does have a hefty price tag at $325 because it is using fine merino wool material.



1. Birks – I live in these all summer long. Made in Germany. A pair lasts at least 5 years. I still have a pair of clogs from my Toronto days which is now 13 years ago.  I love them!

2. Hudson jeans – I looked through all the labels of jeans for T at Nordstrom rack and I found these cool jeans that are made in the USA with imported European fabric. I love the name of this style which is called “Dandy Slouchy Straight”.  Great relaxed fit for men but not overly loose.  It looks awesome on my 5 ft 11 ish guy.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!



Gustin Jeans: Handcrafted in San Fransisco


My brother actually introduced me to this brand.  It’s a very interesting business model where they fund a type of denim jean before they actually produce it.  They were tired of retail prices for jeans and they wanted to produce a high end jeans for men without tacking on a 250 dollar price tag. Instead of guessing what the customers want, they crowdsource different type f denims and styles and if it gets funded, then it is produced.  That is a great idea because the customer chooses what they want.  I love the fact that they are handcrafted in made in San Fransisco to boost the local economy and you get a quality pair of jeans for a great price tag of $81. This style I love and it’s Japanese denim.  There is a rich lushness to japanese denim.  At $81 dollars for a pair AND it’s made in San Fransisco?  That is a deal. I think this would look awesome on T. He’ll look super hot.  Yeah, I said it.  Great fit and sewn well as my brother has 3 pairs and it does look good on him even with the no asian butt. Sorry W! I highly recommend you check Gustin out and buy a new pair of jeans for your man for Father’s Day, birthday and just because you are awesome day.