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Nursing Covers – New and Improved

Nursing Covers – New and Improved

I have been super busy improving our nursing covers.  We have made changes based on your feedback.  We added a little pocket to store your breast pads or wipe your babies cute little face. Made from super soft terry cloth.

We have also decided to only use organic cotton for this round of patterns and first up is these beautiful sweet cloud pattern.  We doubled up this particular pattern because it was slightly too sheer but still very lightweight. We also added about made our covers longer by about 3 inches and wider by a couple of inches. More coverage and privacy for your baby.

I’ll keep you posted when it’s up in our Etsy shop and when it comes available on Amazon.

So excited.

Fair trade nursing covers shipment



Our small sewing co-op in Davao, Philippines just shipped some more robot and paris pattern nursing covers.  We sell them at Amazon and Ebay.  If you choose to get them through ebay or our site then we can offer you free shipping.  At Amazon, we use their fufillment centers so you can choose the method of shipping and if you are a Prime member than you can get free 2 day shipping which is an awesome bonus.

We are starting to run low on stock in our patterns — which is a great thing because that means you are helping out empoverished women in Davao!  We want to design new nursing cover patterns so we thought we would ask you for your input on what patterns/shapes/colours/animals you would like to see.  We also received some great feedback on how we can improve our nursing covers so we will address that as well. We want to continue to empower these women with skilled work.

What has been your favourite pattern?  I would say that my favourite is the purple bears and the cherry blossoms.  I like the colours, they cover my giant baby — and well, I like the cute little bear and girl the purple patterns.  I’m a sucker for illustration.

We do have a sample sale of our nursing covers at Etsy while supplies last.  They’re a great deal at $10.  Fabric is the same but there are some flaws like sizing may be a bit off (shorter, two  wide, too long etc), incorrect thread or areas where the sewing may be a bit off.

Happy hump day!  I’m still dealing with kids under the weather so they are a tad clingy to Mama.

Lil’Soak Designs: Artisans from Davao, Philippines

Lil’Soak Designs: Artisans from Davao, Philippines

Lil’Soak Designs is a fair trade label working in Davao, Philippines with a local NGO providing local or in-house livelihood sewing projects to women in Davao, Philippines.  The area is primarily a squatter’s village with employment perpetually below 50%, this livelihood project gives hope to local artisans in the fight against poverty, drug abuse, and sectarian violence.  A percentage of every purchase goes back to the House of Jubillee, and supports health initiatives, feeding programs for school age children., and educational scholarships for local youth.

 Lil’ Soak Designs is passionate about change for good. We are partnering up with small groups of marginalized people to produce and create our designs. We love the art of craftsmanship and want to showcase that in our products. We believe that everyone is entitled to fair wages, regardless of their country or neighbourhood.  When we see injustice being done, we must do something.  We believe that no cause is too small if it is the one placed in front of you.  “Do unto others as you would have done to you”
It’s exciting but things are finally looking up as we are selling more nursing covers and developing new products.  It’s been a slow bumpy ride but we feel passionate about empowering the women in the sewing project.