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Nursing Covers – New and Improved

Nursing Covers – New and Improved

I have been super busy improving our nursing covers.  We have made changes based on your feedback.  We added a little pocket to store your breast pads or wipe your babies cute little face. Made from super soft terry cloth.

We have also decided to only use organic cotton for this round of patterns and first up is these beautiful sweet cloud pattern.  We doubled up this particular pattern because it was slightly too sheer but still very lightweight. We also added about made our covers longer by about 3 inches and wider by a couple of inches. More coverage and privacy for your baby.

I’ll keep you posted when it’s up in our Etsy shop and when it comes available on Amazon.

So excited.

Underwear going fast!


Our Good & Fair underwear is going fast!  We are have only 2 pairs left in stock. The price is awesome and really a comfy pair of underwear. I like the low cut boy style shorts style.  Fair trade organic cotton! You can’t beat that price. Our last Starbucks pop-up was a lot of fun and now I’m busy trying to figure out how to fair trade Hallowe’en for the kiddos. I am taking inspiration from my cousins and dressing up the kids on a well treasured book Pax likes us to read.

The costumes are fairly simple and yet not.  I’m making the costumes instead of buying so I just went to the fabric shop and bought the fabric. I couldn’t find the right fabric for Pax’s  costume so I have to search online. I can’t wait to share it all with you once I have all the pieces put together.

Hope you are having a happy Monday! The weekend passes by way to fast for us and we didn’t even do much –I tried to catch up on sleep but it wasn’t working with two kids under the weather.




Our lovely friend Kayli over at How to Fairtrade Your Summer is having a Lil’Soak+ giveaway with our organic laptop sleeves.

MosesLaptop Sleeve2It will fit a small laptop about 15 inches is the max size. Fairtrade, made from organic cotton. Made by rescued women in Cambodia.  It’s a lovely simple sleeve to protect your laptop. Winners can choose the colour!  Giveaway end July 16th!

Check out her website for my details and use the hashtag #FTSummer in twitter for any more q’s.  Good luck!



Friday Finds: Shorts!

Friday finds, on a Saturday. I’m in vacation mode and I don’t have my computer with me so it’s bloggins on the fly — and I’m also taking care of 3 kiddos too. We are still having some great warm weather here in Seattle (actually I’m in Vancouver but it’s relatively the same!) and I found some cute shorts from One Mango Tree:

OMT_Summer-088_grande OMT_Summer-91_1024x1024

Cute eh?  They are on sale from 36 to 21.60.  Act now! They’re a cool fair trade fashion line and have great colour and patterns to their dresses and tops.

I also came across some usa made men’s shorts which are great for the outdoor dude:




From a Colorado based company called Topo Designs. Nice clean simple lines. This one is a cotton/nylon blend so it probably dries quickly. Good length for men. All their stuff is made in the USA.  That’s vey cool indeed.  This kind of wear and look should be made in Colorado, right? I love all their backpacks and bags. It had me thinking about a backpack that I used to carry in my elementary and high school years. It was the same brand over the years because it was such high quality and at the time made in Japan.  When I saw their stuff, it reminded me of my school back pack I carried.

For the kiddos, I would check out Winter Water Factory for short pants.  I love their stuff. Meira has a couple of dresses from them.  Fun colours and clothes that are hip but they still look like a kid, you know?  I love clothes that are comfortable for play for a kid, stylish but not overly grown up. They are having a Fourth of July sale so hurry, it ends tomorrow!



Daughters: Artisans from Cambodia

Daughters: Artisans from Cambodia

From a former victim: “I met a girl working in a Karaoke bar who offered me a job. The job involved sitting with customers and playing CDs for them to sing.  One customer asked me to go to a guesthouse with him, and I refused. But he had a gun which he pointed at me, and threatened to shoot my legs if I did not go, so I had no choice. The bar owner never intervened because this was a normal occurrence in these places, it happened all the time.

After that it was often like that, I had little choice about who I had to have sex with because they were wealthy or threatened me. I was filled with pain in my heart. It was so hard to bear.  There was nobody willing to help me and I cried alone every night with no one to care about me. I started to think I was crazy. I was often so depressed; I felt I had no worth or value and my life was cheap. I cannot describe the pain.

Since I came to work at Daughters, I feel I am living a different life, like I am a different person. I used to cry at night and be unable to sleep; now I still cry but then I pray to God and I feel peace and am able to sleep. I feel so much better in my life than before. At Daughters I find comfort and strength, the staff value me, I have close friends and I know many people here love me and care about me. And I can talk to people here if I feel bad. I feel loved”

Daughters recognizes the impact of sexual exploitation in Cambodia as an abuse of human rights. Daughters seeks to help victims find ways out of this situation and into a situation of safety, freedom and dignity, to find wholeness, and to become all that God created them to be.

Daughters is involved with empowering people to make changes to their own lives, within their own cultural and social contexts, promoting healthy decision making so that changes are internal, voluntary and sustainable rather than imposed.  The long-term aim is to achieve sustainable outcomes in making a real and lasting difference in the victim’s lives. Long-term success is defined as a client remaining out of the sex industry for the rest of her life, supporting herself through dignified, rewarding work, and raising her own family to have a better future.

All the products we carry from Daughters use organic cotton and handmade coconut shell buttons.  The bags are perfect for your tween or teen to carry their belongings: