Summer Fruits


This is the time where all the great U-Pick fruit and veg farms are open.  Here in Seattle, we raspberries, blackberries, tay berries are ready for you to pick.   The great thing about these more delicate berries is that because you are picking it, the price per lb is cheaper because you are doing the labour yourself.  It’s also a great thing to take your kids. I know Pax loves going out in the wagon and picking fruit.  It also gets him to like fruit more.  The great thing about it is you are supporting your local area farms, bringing in a healthy economy for farmers and your community.

So after you end up picking 20 dollars worth of berries (that’s a lot of berry shortcakes), what do you do with it?  I mean, there is only so many preserves you can make and in our family we don’t use it all that quickly.  I think what’s more versatile is to freeze them. It’s pretty simple too, Just watch them, let it dry and then line it on a parchment cover cookie pan  and freeze it, once it’s frozen you can transfer it to a baggie or container.  Then you have fruit all year round. We use it for baking, making smoothies, sauces etc so it’s a great way.

Another way if you want to preserve a fruit in it’s purest form is to can it.  I found a link here.  It has methods for using juice or a light syrup or raw or cooked fruit.  I think this would be great for stone fruits like nectarines and peaches.  I haven’t tried this myself yet but I think if we go picking for plums, nectarines, I would  try this method.

Go out there and pick your own fruit! If you have kids, it’s a great way to pass the time, educate them about plants, fruits and the sort.