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Friday Finds: Toy Edition

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.00.11 AM


Our family digs Duplo.  We haven’t graduated to Lego yet because M likes to put everything in her mouth and Pax is not quite tidy enough to clean up all the little pieces. I love this rather sweet Winnie the Pooh set. If you check out Amazon Warehouse deals then sometimes you can score some good deals with Duplo.  Just search “Amazon Warehouse” and look to see what kind of savings you could score.  Lego has a good fair toy standards which is why we love lego because it’s also so versatile. Pax just loves to use the blocks to build houses, boats, dogs — you name it. It’s a great learning toy for children.




Recycled green toy rocket made in the USA.  Love these toys.  Pax saw this at the toy store the other day and was playing with it the whole time. We have the boat which we use for the bath.  Great durable toy.




Dsenyo works with women in Malawi to empower them with jobs and I’m inspired by the founder of this company and what she is doing.  It’s great.  I saw these plushies in person at a fair trade market place back in Austin and I have always loved the bunny one.  Love the mix of African fabrics here.  Great price!



Yay!  Finally posted up our lovely plush toys handmade by near deaf/deaf women in China. I love these so much. Meira is now hugging both of them to sleep.  The detail on these are amazing.

Happy Friday!


Friday Finds: Shorts!

Friday finds, on a Saturday. I’m in vacation mode and I don’t have my computer with me so it’s bloggins on the fly — and I’m also taking care of 3 kiddos too. We are still having some great warm weather here in Seattle (actually I’m in Vancouver but it’s relatively the same!) and I found some cute shorts from One Mango Tree:

OMT_Summer-088_grande OMT_Summer-91_1024x1024

Cute eh?  They are on sale from 36 to 21.60.  Act now! They’re a cool fair trade fashion line and have great colour and patterns to their dresses and tops.

I also came across some usa made men’s shorts which are great for the outdoor dude:




From a Colorado based company called Topo Designs. Nice clean simple lines. This one is a cotton/nylon blend so it probably dries quickly. Good length for men. All their stuff is made in the USA.  That’s vey cool indeed.  This kind of wear and look should be made in Colorado, right? I love all their backpacks and bags. It had me thinking about a backpack that I used to carry in my elementary and high school years. It was the same brand over the years because it was such high quality and at the time made in Japan.  When I saw their stuff, it reminded me of my school back pack I carried.

For the kiddos, I would check out Winter Water Factory for short pants.  I love their stuff. Meira has a couple of dresses from them.  Fun colours and clothes that are hip but they still look like a kid, you know?  I love clothes that are comfortable for play for a kid, stylish but not overly grown up. They are having a Fourth of July sale so hurry, it ends tomorrow!



Summer is here: Made in the USA Swimsuits

paxsummer-1Phew, it was hot this weekend for Seattle!  90+? Yeah, that’s hot for us.  Our pale skins got a wee bit of a tan while we spent some time visiting the Museum of Flight this weekend. It got me thinking of beach summerwear for the family. It’s so expensive to buy bathing suits in the first place and I’m sure it’s difficult to find USA made or even fair trade bathing suits but since the 4th of July is coming up, I thought I would research and find USA made bathing suits for everyone.

Here is the best of what I found online:



After two kids, I rather have a one piece.  This is cute and flatters the body.  Although — I do like the two piece in the sense that I could get different sizes since I have the smaller upper body and bigger lower body thing happening so if there was a two piece that covered my belly, that would be key. Company is called Tara Grinna from South Carolina.  Nice stylish suits for women.

Blue-Swimwear-198x300 NoNetz_Model_1024x1024$40 and $47


From a company called NoNetz in NYC.  Chafe free for the boys in your life.

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 9.04.39 AM


From Bella Bear Wear — they were funded by kickstarter and the special thing about their suits is that it snaps right off so it’s convenient for mom/dads to change their kids diapers quickly and snap back into their bathing suit.  Their suits also have a skin protectant. I really like the idea of this for my wee babe — and I like this plaid pattern.

Gotta jet — Happy Canada day to my fellow canadian friends. It’s so hot in the house that my kids are a little crazy so I think I need to get them out and cool them down somehow.

Friday Finds: Summer Dresses



It’s hot here in Seattle.  When I mean hot, I mean about high 80’s.  Okay, it’s not Austin TX where it reaches 105 by 8am but for my weak Pacific Northwest body, it’s hot enough.  The kiddos and I were at the beach and I saw this really class looking mum wearing a beautiful tunic style dress and it got me thinking of the perfect summer dress that is stylish and can handle the wear and tear of being around kids.

Always a favourite in my bookmarks is People Tree based in the UK.  This Orla Kiely heart dress is super sweet and if you add thick black plastic frames, then you’ll definitely be the hippest lady in town. I was wearing my People Tree stripey shirt until someone had an explosive diaper.  Oops!  Well, a good washing will fix that right up.



It’s on sale! I like this dress because you can put a tie on and it looks like a completely different dress but you could also leave unbelted and it makes a lovely swishy kind of light summer breezy dress. I like the circle detail.  I would get it in the mauve colour.  This dress is from Fair Indigo.

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 10.05.18 PM


I love me some stripes.  This is also the perfect 4th of July kind of dress or maybe France perhaps? I love the colour blocking, the colour combo and it’s made in the USA.  I found this dress on Mod Cloth. Looks like it’s a nice travel dress, doesn’t wrinkle up and has some give to the fabric.  Lots of good reviews on Modcloth.

I still have a pouch from my two babies but I’m determined to get slim and fit into one of my green retro looking Peopletree dress that I got eons ago.  It’s still a little tight but it’s getting closer!  I’ll have to show you all the results when I can just lose that last 10 lbs!


Happy Monday! I want to ride my BICYCLE!

What did you do this father’s day?

It was Papa’s birthday and we went to have gluten-free pasta at Maggiano’s.  Boy.  Was it busy there! My pasta was yum num num and I love getting the classic pastas and bringing one home.  Yes!  I have lunch options the next day.

conquer cancerWe also went to cheer on my brother on his ride to conquer cancer.  Epic bike ride from Vancouver to Seattle.  So happy to see him roll in.  He’s the one holding his camera phone to the finish line.  It’s pretty cool to see how he has really gotten into this long distance bike riding.  He’s eating healthier, working out and looks great!

There were some fancy looking bikes and it even got me all excited about biking.  How about a handmade bamboo bicycle made in Seattle?



Photo courtesy of Monsoon Cycles

There is this company called Monsoon Cycles in Seattle that makes these cool bamboo framed bicycles.  There is a huge bike culture here in the Pacific Northwest and I think this would be a cool bike to test out.  Made in the USA, using renewable materials, and reducing your carbon footprint.  What’s not to love?  I first saw this bike at local shop as a displayer and it looks oh so very cool.  I have yet to test it out.  I think that would be something T has to check out since he’s more of a bike rider than myself.  I’m more the leisurely stroll biker.

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